Fisheries Sector

We study the trends and criteria for consuming fish and seafood products in order to offer you the best packaging solution for fresh, frozen and processed products. Our Freshbox system is specifically designed for the transport of fresh fish and live seafood such as oysters and clams. It also allows for the transport of octopus, tuna and swordfish loins and organic fish and seafood.

  • Efficient cold transfer in cold storage.
  • Airtight and insulated boxes to maintain temperature.
  • High print quality for advertising on boxes of frozen fish
  • From the wholesale fish market to the fishmonger: open box with ice suitable for transport and display.
  • Boxes with food grade polyethylene-coated paper.
  • Suitable for hydro-cooling and washing and disinfection stations
  • Withstands deep-freezing to -40°C.
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