We provide a wide range of solutions for agriculture, from planting through to sales to end customers.

Freshbox: Fruit and vegetable boxes

Water-resistant boxes that keep in the moisture of the fruit and vegetables from harvest to final destination.

  • Possibility of delivering vegetables on ice or in iced water.
  • Boxes designed for hydro-cooling and washing and disinfection stations
  • Individual packaging suited to new consumer trends.
  • Positioning: the value of your brand

Cipahidro: Rolls for hydroponic farming

Different alternatives for growing plants: rolls for hydroponic farming, tree guards for reforestation.

Standard roll of 2.2mm, 400g/m2 black corrugated plastic for use in hydroponic farming as containers or as channels to hold the substrate and allowing water recovery.

  • Allows irrigation water recovery.
  • Adapts to any substrate.
  • Inert material resistant to all chemical agents.

Other agricultural products

  • Tree guards, allowing saplings to grow inside a microclimate created by the actual guard, protected from animals and insecticides
  • Insect traps, providing pest control
  • Bee boxes, providing a home for solitary bees used for pollinating crops, such as tomatoes and peppers.